Abstract Number

Does anyone know how to get an Abstract number or API number for the land you own?

Texas Railroad Commission has a very good video on how to use the trrc website. I believe your question is covered there. If your property is leased, your landman should be able to get the information for you. I'm new at this, so trying to learn as much as possible. Would you post the answer when you find it, please?

Should be on Deed for one place


Robin is correct.

Understand that the API # is that given to a well. First 2 numbers are the state (42 for Texas), next 3 are the county and the rest are the identifying # for the well. This should not be confused with the RRC Lease # which is different.

Abstract # identifies the survey in which your land is located and can be found, if you are an owner on the instrument which conveyed your interest to you; on your annual tax statement if you are the surface owner or an owner of a productive interest in a well(s); the County Appraisal District will have it and likely maps showing its location relative to others, and it should be on the drilling permit for the well in the RRC records.