Absentee Surface-Mineral Owner

Not sure if anyone can help me but hoping so. I inherited interests in several sections in Reeves County. Oxy has drilled a well in Sect. 40, Blk 51, T7, T&P for which I am receiving a small royalty each month. However, according to various documents, I also have interests in Sect. 44, Blk 50, T7, Sect. 18, Blk 49, T8 and Sect. 28, Blk 50, T8. Does anyone know of any activity in these other sections? Really new to all this and glad I found this website. Pretty overwhelming and I would truly appreciate any response. Thanks in advance!


I'm a surface/mineral owner in your neck of the woods. I see the Oxy well in 40-51T7 you mentioned and another permitted that runs through that section and another. 44-50T7 has a vertical Chevron well in the southwest quarter that is a marginal producer. 18-49T8S has a vertical Endeavor well in its northeast quarter that is a marginal producer. I don't see anything but some plugged wells and an old 1996 permitted but undrilled well in 28-50T8. All of this definitely doesn't mean that there won't be developments in the future, though. This is a good area.

Thx, Marcus. I'm really a fish out of water. Been told by others not to worry. If they drill, the oil companies will find you. Hope so!


If your property tax records are up-to-date, interested oil companies will be able to find you ... (along with others all over the world you may not want to hear from).

Check here: http://www.reevescad.org/

Best of luck!

Thx! I was afraid of that. Not even sure about the tax records. From what I understand, there are no taxes if no production and no surface ownership.

EA - I also just realized that you leased your interest in 18-49T8S to Brigham not too long ago. They sold that and other tracts in the area to Diamondback Energy recently. Just FYI.