Absentee mineral rights owner

My family sold the farm 30 years ago after my father's death. There had been drilling way back in the 40s, but the equipment would not go deep enough. I have moved away but remember that we retained the mineral rights on the property.

The lady at the recorder's office in Belmont county told me that if they do a deed search, that will be documented. My concern is that no one back there knows where I am. What can I do to make sure I would know that someone may be trying to find us?

The attorney that took care of our business back there has passed away.

Any ideas or anyone with experience with this?

Hi Sally, the recorder’s office should have you as the owner of the mineral rights; you may leave your contact information at the recorder’s office.

Dear Ms. Francis,

To make it easy on everybody, file and affidavit of death and heirship on your grandfather, listing names and addresses of all the heirs.