Abraham 1-14-11XHM - Producing Oil?

I was just wondering if anyone knows the status of the Abraham 1-14-11XHM well in 8N 7W Sec11 and 14. OCC website shows production of gas since November 2018 but no production of oil. Hopefully well is actually producing oil but not being reported yet for some reason. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

Abraham 1-14-11XHM well

OTC Prod. Unit No.: 051-224643

3,971.25 BBL/OIL for January 2019

You can check for other months using this website: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGProd.aspx Use 23896 as the Purchaser Number

November 2018 Oil Production = 4,898.14 bbls

April 2019 Oil Production = 2,785.06 bbls

How would you rate the production quantities thus far? Not familiar enough about what should be expected and what is being seen in the area.


This well won’t make anybody rich & probably won’t payout the cost to drill it in less than 5 years. But as a mineral owner, it is better than a sharp stick in the eye.