abandoned well in mckenzie county

I have not had a discussion here before, but I am giving it a try. We have an abandoned oil well in Mckenzie county. It was fairly a new well when the company at that time transfer it to another one. It got caught up in a bankruptcy lawsuit. So in the meantime the lease is up, it has been for a few years now. It seems to be owned by petro-hunt but not sure. Just curious on your thoughts on how to proceed with checking this out further. The description is :

GRIZZLEY 149-104-15-12-1-2H

Thanks for your help.

Tami, I would report it to the state. The state has regulations regarding when a well must be plugged. The operators have a bond to plug the wells and there is a fund to plug wells where they can't find an owner. Something to consider is that someone may want to re-enter that bore one day, which becomes much less likely if it is plugged but if you need it plugged, contact the state oil and gas commission.