'Abandoned' vertical well

I have an old vertical well in Section19,16N, 9W, that until early 2016 was a producer. It was killed by fracking of a new horizontal well, and now has zero production. How many years of non-production must pass before it can be classified as abandoned. I would like to have the site cleaned up.

Time period for plugging well with production casing. Unless exempted under provisions contained elsewhere in this Section, any well which has production casing in place shall be plugged within one year after the latter of:

(1) Cessation of drilling if the well was not completed or tested; or
(2) Cessation of the latter of completion or testing if the well has not produced; or
(3) Cessation of production.
(4) From April 1, 1998, to March 31, 1999, the time period for plugging of any producing well with production casing in place that has ceased production shall be two years. The Commission shall review the need for the continued effectiveness of this provision during the time period set forth above on a quarterly basis. This provision shall not apply to any well that poses a public health, safety or pollution threat to the environment and surface or subsurface waters of the state.

(f) Operators failing to commence timely plugging operations. An operator who fails to commence plugging operations as required in (c), (d), and (e) of this Section after due notice from the District Office or the appropriate field inspector may be fined up to $1,000.00.

(g) Wells exempted from plugging. The following wells which have production casing in place shall be exempt from (e) of this Section:

(1) Shut-in gas wells, for the purpose of this Section, shall be considered producing wells in operation.
(2) Any well for which a written order of the Commission granting a specific exception to plugging is in full force and effect.

(3) Supply wells or wells authorized by order of the Commission for injection or disposal purposes and are in compliance with the rules of the Commission.
(4) Any well for which a temporary exemption from the plugging rules has been approved.

[SOURCE: Amended at 9 Ok Reg 2295; Amended at 9 Ok Reg 2337, eff 6-25-92; Amended in Rule Making 97000002, eff 7-1-97; Amended in Rule Making 980000035, eff 7-1-99; Amended at 29 OK Reg 950, eff 7-1-12 (RM 201200005)]

Larry, this is my understanding. I hope this helps.