Abandoned gas wells in La Salle County Texas

Two gas wells were drilled and completed in an area in La Salle, Texas. The oil co walked away from them but forgot to mention it to the mineral owner. Frac Focus said they were drilled and completed in the summer of last year. Deafening silence since. no production report in 10 months. The Tx RR commission today said they are classified as "abandoned" and not producing. What would you do now? The oil company has not responded with anything but excuses and will not cooperate. They are tying up the lease but why?

Thank you for any info.

Does your lease allow them to hold your minerals with an abandoned well?

If you have a common lease, your lease will expire at the end of the primary term.

Thank you for your response. Change of classification by Tx RR today. They are classified as "temporarily abandoned" now. I don't know about the lease. I am writing for a friend who owns these 2 gas wells. Even if the lease says she is entitled to be released, it does no good if she does not hire an attorney and has no production for now coming up one year. I was told by the Tx RR commission this morning that there was an extension filed called the 14 B2. I understand that it extends the capping rule.

I am trying to figure out a few things such as: If there is no pipeline, why would they have drilled for 2 wells with the gas not being able to go anywhere? Why would they not communicate with her within almost one year? Why would they not just plug it and go away if there is no production for so long? Is this common in the White Kitchen area? Both gas wells were frac'ed and completed in the summer of 2012 with 0 production. It doesn't pass the smell test. This is not some rinky dink outfit. This is Petrohawk.

Sometimes it takes a while to develop a field. They are not going to invest all of that money for nothing. Very few wells are dusters now days. They may be waiting for rigs to come available or the installation of piping or the building of a processing plant. Patience. If in the mean time you receive a lot of those "we want to buy" letters, that is a good sign.

I hope for my friend who owns the wells that you are right. I don't know if she received any offers lately but I will ask. Thank you everyone for your kind replies.

Thank you, Cookie, for your help on all of this. So much has been going on and the filings with Texas RRC are very puzzling. To all...we have learned this week that the gas pipeline is complete; liquids pipeline is finishing up; and that product is expected to go to sales on June 8th. Now...this is very interesting as you would never have concluded this by checking the RRC. Cookie made numerous calls on my behalf and gathered data for me. The results were frustrating. I also learned from another member on this site that it is not uncommon for Petrohawk/BHP to file with RRc a certain way and then go back and amend,...such as designating a GAS UNIT and going back later to amend it to OIL. And to "temporarily abandon" when in reality it's "shut in"...

Wow... THis is definitely a roller coaster ride. The landman simply told me all along "It's happening..just don't know when." It took a call from my attorney to get the answer we just got. Hope it's true.