A new way to find your property's value and activity

What are some of the most common posts on this forum?

  1. What activity is happening on my acreage?

  2. What is this worth?

Now, there are some outstanding folks answering those questions every day here, but this generosity is a result of a broken system. Those of us helping others on this forum know this is an unfair, confusing, opaque, and sometimes downright predatory industry for owners of mineral property. Where was the Zillow Zestimate for minerals? The Kelly Blue Book for royalties?

Four years ago, I saw the need for a solution that would help people know an estimate of their mineral value without having to ask around on a public forum, subject themselves to biased buyer’s “appraisal”, or pay hundreds (or thousands) to an expert for a one-time valuation. It’s been a labor of love (and blood, sweat, and tears…) ever since. You cannot use comps and comps alone to value minerals like you can houses. Every property is unique, and every market value should include everything of value: wells, production, location, reservoirs, drilling, remaining oil & gas, timing…the whole picture.

I am excited to introduce you to the Pecan Estimate.

240x118 The Pecan Estimate

Fast, easy, affordable oil & gas value estimates from an unbiased engineering firm who DOESN’T buy or sell minerals.

We combined my petroleum engineering models with a software architect’s skills to create an on-demand, DIY, science-based tool that brings expert knowledge to folks of all technical levels so they can make informed decisions.

I invite you to watch this brief introductory video:

Please tag me in a post if you think the poster would be a good candidate for a free estimate, and I’m also happy to continue discussion of the product in this post below.