A good oil and gas attorney

Does anybody know of a good oil and gas attorney. I live in California, But my grandmother was a Texan. She grew up in Cotulla. She left me mineral rights in La Salle county. I didn't know anything about oil and signed a bad lease. I believe i need legal help. I hired a man who has been in the oil fields for 30 years to go to Texas to find out what was going on. He found out a lot. I believe I can get a new lease because of it. He told me to hire a attorney outside of the state of Texas. He said I wouldn't be able to get a attorney in Texas because Texans take care of their own. No Disrespect to Texans. Is this true? their has been a lot of deception on the part of the oil company. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I live outside of Texas and also have mineral rights in LaSalle. I hired a Texas attorney in San Antonio, who was highly recommended. He is also representing another friend who has had some serious issues that have been successfully worked out. We are both pleased with his services.

There are undoubtedly shyster attorneys in Texas (as is true anywhere), but I can't really see hiring an attorney from outside the state, as they would not be as familiar with Texas mineral law. Also, unless they had contacts within the state (landmen, attorneys close to Cotulla who could go to court there if needed, etc.), the attorney or his/her representative would charge a lot of money to travel there to do the necessary research.

I also live out of state, and am currently pursuing some inherited interests in La Salle county. I've been working with an attorney in Lubbock, Wendell H. Langdon, III, who came highly recommended to me. He's already spent considerable time looking over the documentation I sent him, and I've learned a lot more from him about what I have and what needs to happen for me to claim those interests than I ever did from the previous two attorneys I tried to work with. I have been impressed enough with him that I'm going to have him pursue my calims. He seems to have the necessary contacts in San Antonio and Cotulla so that he would likely not need to travel there himself should any research or legal work need to be done on site. He can be reached at his firm, Drennan, Langdon & Fidel, LLP, 1001 Main St., Ste. 608, Lubbock, TX 79401-3306. The firm's telephone number is 806-853-8338, and his email is wlangdon@DLFlawfirm.com.

If you would like to work with someone closer to Cotulla, I did also receive a recommendation of an attorney in San Antonio, Robert Park. I was impressed with him as well, as he also did a fair amount of work looking at my material (and pretty much confirmed what I had learned from Mr. Langdon). Here's his contact info:

Robert M. Park / Uhl, Fitzsimons, Jewett & Burton, PLLC / 210.829.1660 / rpark@ufjblaw.com

It was a hard choice as to which one to go with, and I think I would probably have been just as happy with Mr. Park, but Mr. Langdon just seemed like a better fit for me.

Good luck pursuing your case!

My name is Tom Bradford and I am an oil and gas atty. i can be seen on Linkeden if you would like to see my profile. i would be happy to see and give you a breakdown on your mineral interest on this tract of land and also help you with leasing the property if not already leased. i am an expert in title curative as well. You can call me at 940-391-4741 or email me at tombradfordjr@gmail.com