A family member sold their rights to someone now what


My family member had 1/9 of 10 mineral acres on 659 acres.
It was then divided by 3 people when they passed. So now three people had 1/3. One of those 3 people sold their 1/3 rights.

How does that affect the fraction as it continues to get passed down to family members?


Lauren- Each of the 3 heirs held a 1/27th interest in the 10 acres. The 2 “heirs” that did not sell, still own a 1/27th. The assignee of the 3rd heir also owns a 1/27th interest. These are undivided interests and any party can do whatever they chose, independent of the others. Your fractional interest does not change when another owner conveys their interest. Hope this helps. Todd M Baker


That helped a lot! May I bother you to help me figure this out now? I am awful in math!!! once it was split by three like I mentioned above. My Grandmother was heir to it along with her brother.
So im assuming that 1/3 was divided by those two.

My Grandmother died. She had two kids. My Dad and my Aunt. So Im assuming in split again in two. Then my Father died and he has 3 kids, it now will be split to three of us.

What is my portion now?


Lauren- It is a little bit more complicated than it seems. The State in which the minerals reside, probates, wills, spouses at time of death, children from previous marriages, etc., all play a part in determining your heirship.


We were told by the landman we are the only living descendants left there is total 8 of us. Its in Reeves County Texas.

We are waiting on PRI Operatings landman to determine heirship and clear title. So we shall see what will happen. Thank you!!


Depending on the report you may need some title curative action. Most often this involves probate. You can find attorneys for some states by clicking the directory button above: image