A directional, missed it by that much?

Greetings All,

I'm attempting to determine if a directional is within our holdings. I've gone to COGCC and found the appropriate documents but am at a loss whether we fall into the area or missed it.

Our Holdings: T7R61W Section: 24 NE/4 & NW/4

Well Name & #: Terrell 25-761-0157CH

We've also got section 24, NE/4 & W/2 which is not in play, so any guidance or assistance on section 24 would be appreciated.

Thank you, John

Sorry. Your property in Section 24 is NOT in the pooled unit. The operator has specifically formed his drilling unit to be only in Section 25.

The State record reads: "Drill Unit: 7N61W Sec 25".

Therefore, even though the drill pad is on the surface in the southern part of Section 24, the deep horizontal part of the wells, if drilled and completed, literally start in Section 25 and only minerals owners there will receive the landowner's royalty under their leases.

Maybe they will move north into your Section in the future!



789-Terrell.PNG (96.6 KB)

Thank you John for the map & information.

Good thing I didn't go out and get that shiny new red car, since I had a feeling it looked a little to good.

Would possible reason's for an offsite platform like this be surface owners declining a rig on their property, population to close or the topography along with others?

Best Regards, John

Yes, plus the technical drilling reason that it is a little easier to drill as planned and get a full straight mile this way, in particular when the operator plans to drill all the horizontal sections of the wells this close.


PS There is NO population and the topography is FLAT.

Thanks once again for your input, there's nothing better in the world then learning.

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