A company called Equitrans, L.P


Has anyone ever had dealings such as leases with Equitrans, L.P.?


Equitrans is part of EQT and countless people have horror stories to share about EQT.


So is there anyone to whom I could talk to with info?


I haven’t had any issues with EQT! They were willing to negotiate on the sign on bonus and royalties. Call the lawyer handling your property! I.got them to agree to 15% royalties, which seems fair right now anyway!! Good luck to you.


Thank you. I receive a check every year for a $1. Says it’s for storage? Kinda weird, so called to get an explanation about it and receptionist was gonna have a on the ground person email me info.


Good Luck!!!

Unfortunately, for $1.00 they (EQT / Equitrans) control your tract completely and there is nothing you can do. Additionally, with there being storage, there will not be any drilling on / through your tract.



15% Net or Gross? Are you receiving additional royalties for your liquids?

You are the first person to speak of EQT in a positive tone, they are notorious for cheating mineral owners. I suggest you research Richardson v. EQT, paying specific attention to the ‘deductions’ taken. WV has a clearly defined law in regard to Severance Taxes, but EQT regularly ignores the law. More than one class action law suit is in the early stages of being filed against EQT!

For the record, EQT has sued me three times, each suit I was successful (Through my Attorneys) in defending my interests; thus I have a bias opinion.