A Check From HRM Resources III, LLC


I live in Europe. I recently received a check from HRM Resources III, LLC in Denver. I had no idea who they were but the check stub indicated it was for royalties in Sweetwater County, WY. The check, of course, is in dollars.

Since I had no experience with these people, I called them and was told they had purchased some of my holdings from another Company and were paying me the proceeds for the indicated time period.

However, I have no means to cash such a check here in Europe nor do I have a bank account in the US that will accept a check addressed to me in Italy.

I asked them to please send me the form to initiate a direct deposit into one of my US banks but was advised that they did not do direct deposit and I would have to talk to the CFO to see if they would set one up (just for me obviously).

They took all my information including phone number and email and said that the CFO would get in touch with me when he/she came into the office. It has now been three weeks since I called them and no response. I have the check, un-cashed for the above reason and will probably get another one soon.

Do I have any rights to force them to do a direct deposit of the check or am I up the Snake River without a paddle?

Thanx for your assistance!


Why bother? I have bounced around the world and can understand your dilemma. I deposit ALL my checks by use of my cell phone. Far quicker and more easy than standing in line at some bank. Since you mentioned you have US accounts, it would be very simple and quick. With the modern banking apps it makes almost no difference if it is in Lire or Euros or US Dollars…
As an added incentive, it makes no difference where the check is addressed. Try it, you will love it!


Simple…endorse it and mail it to your US bank…