A-269 Howard County, Texas

I own the following:

One Third (1/3) of an undivided 20.15/239.5 in and to all of the oil royalty, gas royalty, and royalty in casinghead gas, gasoline and royalty in other minerals in and under, and that may be produced and mined from the following described lands situated in the County of Howard, State of Texas, to-wit:

West. 239. 5 acres of the South One-half (S/2) of Section No. 13, Block No. 32, Township 2-North, T&P Ry. Co. Surveys, Howard County, Texas.

Does anyone know anything about the value, if any, of this property.

David, Despite not being drilled yet you are in a very good area. It sounds to me like you have a non participating royalty interest. If the corresponding lease hold is leased at 25%…I think your one third of the interest described is probably worth around $120k give or take

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Hello, I just learned that I have been identified as a mineral owner in SW4 of Section 36 , Block 34, A-1273 Howard County. I’ve received an offer to lease from an agent of SM Energy. How do I find out if this is an active area? How do I evaluate the terms offered? Who would be able to help me in this regard? Many thanks, Kathryn

Go to the Texas Railroad Commission website and click on the GIS public map. At the top pull down Howard County. Then zoom in about 2 clicks and move and look on the map. Green dots mean active oil wells. It depends on the area and activity what the offer should be. I’m fairly new to this myself.

If I am looking at it correctly, there are 5 active oil wells as well as a horizontal well…I would hire an oil and gas attorney.

We signed a lease through sm energy for 25% at 5000 per nma about 3 years ago, sec 45 block 32 tin,then signed a one year extension,if you sign a 3 year lease it will be 3 years before they drill more than likely

Thank you so much for your help. I am definitely going to get the help of an attorney but having this basic info makes me feel much more empowered. This forum is such a good place to start.

Great information. I’m just beginning to appreciate the complexity of this industry. I’m really grateful for the help.

was that lease north of I 20? we have land in section 5 and 45 …TS… most of it just south of I20 and the rest (section 5) south of the interstate. just curious because our lease expires in august. thanks

I’ll check and see if I can tell

Kathryn, we have an offer for the same interest. I would be interested in what you’ve found.