A-269 Howard County, Texas


I own the following:

One Third (1/3) of an undivided 20.15/239.5 in and to all of the oil royalty, gas royalty, and royalty in casinghead gas, gasoline and royalty in other minerals in and under, and that may be produced and mined from the following described lands situated in the County of Howard, State of Texas, to-wit:

West. 239. 5 acres of the South One-half (S/2) of Section No. 13, Block No. 32, Township 2-North, T&P Ry. Co. Surveys, Howard County, Texas.

Does anyone know anything about the value, if any, of this property.


David, Despite not being drilled yet you are in a very good area. It sounds to me like you have a non participating royalty interest. If the corresponding lease hold is leased at 25%…I think your one third of the interest described is probably worth around $120k give or take