I am helping a relative lease her mineral ownership in 9-9n-4w. She has 42.5 net mineral acres. Has anyone received any current offers in this section?

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Why don't you ask one of your associates at United Oil since they have a pretty good straight hole in S10 9N4W.

My apologies to Steve! I should have called him before I spouted off. We spoke on the phone and the straight hole I referred to was a different United Oil just like there are different Continentals and Mid-Continents. Big oops! Sorry Steve.

I have heard of offers in the $1200 3/16 range for nearby sections. Always ask for 1/5th and 1/4th to get the full range of offers.

My family's holdings include a small mineral interest in 8-9N-4W and were contacted by a rep from Double J. After exchanging several emails addressing unacceptable clauses they stopped responding. Like most leases, theirs (in my opinion) had many problems and one should be very careful.