80 acres in Section 33 Township 8N Range 58W


My family inherited 80 acres in Weld County. Section 33 Township 8N Range 58W. I looked at some information on adjacent wells. It looks like they are mostly injection wells, but out a little ways there are some producing wells. Does anyone have land near this or know if this land may be worth anything?


(my section is highlighted in yellow in the attached picture)

221-section33land.png (304 KB)


You are correct - there is activity to the North and West of you (Noble is active with their East Pony project in 9N-59W and Bison has some wells permitted to the West). Your land is definitely worth something with value dependent on several factors (performance of recently drilled offset wells, if it is leased, if so - the terms of the Oil and Gas lease, timing of when wells might be drilled on your minerals).

As you can imagine, minerals with approved spacing orders, under a favorable lease (or with lease activity in the area), and permitted wells or wells being drilled will demand a higher price. Value is determined based on nearby comps and can also be determined through an engineering analysis (forecasting proved undeveloped reserves and future cash flows to come up with discounted net present value).

If you aren't in a hurry you might be better off holding on to your acreage until activity moves closer to you. At that point you can lease them, get the lease bonus and put together a solid case for the value based on nearby activity. If you ever decide to sell, get multiple offers, get help from a competent attorney to review agreements/conveyance docs, and consider getting an engineering evaluation done so you know what your minerals might be worth under likely development scenarios.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have - feel free to DM me.

Good luck!

Matt Sands

Minerals Management


Thank you for the info! I will have to do a little more research and see what will be a good next step to make with this property. I will certainly DM you if I have any questions.

Thanks again!



I work for a mineral investment company and whenever the time comes, I can take a look of what you own to make an offer. We are pretty competitive and purchase throughout Colorado. You may PM me for my info. Thanks!



I'd be interested in talking with you about this. Please shoot me a DM.



Tim, Would you consider giving us an idea on what we might receive per acre in the area of 6N, 61W, Section 5? Is this a good area to sell or lease? Thank you so much!