8-9n-10w; 24-9n-10w; 29-7n-9w; & 25-7n-9w

Hi Just wondering if there were any activity in these (4) sections, townships, ranges? 8,9,10; 24,9,10; 29,7,9; 25,7,9 Certainly want to thank you for any info. Thanks, Patti

I renamed the sections with their usual syntax to make it easier to read and others to see a search on them. 8-9N-10W- Bistro was leasing in late 2018.

24-9N-108W- Bistro was leasing in late 2018 and early 2019. No current OCC cases in the township.

Good idea to get a check upfront if dealing with them or any other lessee. No draft payment letter. Have a third party hold the signed lease until they pay you.

25-7N-9W no new leases. Much of section held by production.

29-7N-9W One lease back in 2017 Only OCC cases in the township are in section 12.