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I subscribe to the Oklahoma Mineral Owner registry and I hear they are pretty accurate. Anyway, it says there is a bonus out for $600 pre acre on my mineral area. I have received nothing

About 3 1/2 years ago, both my parents died. Right before they died (about January of 2015 if not earlier) they signed a 3 year lease bonus. The check they received helped pay for my dad’s funeral which was the beginning of March 2015. Almost exactly (if not to the day), the mineral registry says there is a $600 bonus with a date of 3-5-2018:

I looked at the tax commission site and it says this:

Lease name: Swadley
Total lease acreage: 1280
Active product code: 1, 5 (which is Crude oil and Nat gas)
Operator is Corterra
And then under the Qualifying Tax Rate tab, it says
Well name: 2833-1HX-
Period start- 04-2018 Period end: 06-2018
Period Start-07-2018 Period End: 04-2021
Period Start- 05-2021

The last notice of anything we got for this well was the 3 yr lease back in Jan of 2015. Everything has been transferred into my name. I’ve contacted Corterra and felt like I got the runaround.
Does anyone know anything about this? What do I do?

(All of this information is public record so I feel its safe to post. I hope I’m correct.)

Thank you!!!


The Swadley 2833 1HX is a multi section well drilled in 28 and 33. It was active on the OTC site on April 20, 2018. You will not get paid until about six months after first sales. They usually send a division order about five months after first sales. You check it and make sure it is right, sign and send in the W-9 and then they pay you. The reason they are not responding right now is that they do not have all their title work finished. If you have a properly probated will, make sure that your name and the exact description of acres is filed at the Hughes County courthouse. If they can’t find you, they can’t pay you. You can also send a notice to Corterra and inform them of your name and address and who you inherited from. Don’t fret, this time frame is normal.


Excellent! Thank you! Yep, my estate lawyer for my parents was a landman and his son is a landman too. He took care of everything and I already sent the papers to Corterra. What gets me is that we havent received anything (no lease extention or anything) and it looks like they have the land leased until 2021 with a $600 bonus from 3-05-2018. I dont know why we didnt get the lease paperwork offering the $600. I guess that is the part I dont understand.


You need to get a copy of the original lease and check for two things.
First, what is the effective date of the lease (look on the top line). Three years later would be the end of the lease. If the well was spud before the lease expired, then you will not get a new lease. If the lease expired, then you were supposed to get leased again, or you may have been force pooled. Again, Corterra would know who got the money.
Second, check and see if there was an option to extend the lease (usually for two years). It may have already renewed automatically and you need to contact the lessee (the company that leased you) which may not be Corterra. Find out where they sent the check.


Thank you thank you! I appreciate the help! I have the lease around here. Ill look for it this weekend.