7 months without a check

I have 2 wells in Garfield County which were Longfellow-leased and then acquired by SK Nehama. It’s been 7 months since I received any royalty payments. I get NO response from them after multiple tries to make contact. Anyone have any ideas that may help? Thanks in advance.

What section, township and range? I can check the well production. Check your original Division Order. Do you have a $100 minimum before payment or a $25 limit?

Thank you for doing this. I’m so frustrated with SK.

There are 2 properties:

Section 2-T20N-R5W

Section 15-T20N-R5W

The Division Orders for each property indicate accruals must exceed $25.00 for a payment to be sent. The wells are:

Eddie Mack 2-M3H

Riesen 15-M4H, respectively

I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much,

Mrs. M

Eddie Mack has no production since January 2018. Had oil from Dec 2014-Jan 2018. Oil pickup only in Jan 2016, Nov 2016, Jan 2018. Gas from June 2014-March 2017. No royalties to give at this point.

Riesen 15-M3H Productive from March 2013 - July 2018. Last oil was July 2018, last gas was June 2018. So no royalties to give at this point.

You could try to ask for a release of lease since it has been a year for each. Did you get a shut in payment?