640 Acres Atascosa County TX

My family owns 100% of the minerals to an original State of Texas land grant (1847) survey in

Atascosa County, and we are interested in obtaining a good lease. I live in Europe but am in touch with all of the owners.

P. E. Smith


P.E. Smith:

I have heard that possibly EOG Resources has leased minerals in the Atascosa County area. You might google EOG for information such as phone numbers and articles about the company drilling program. Also, you can go to the Railroad Commission of Texas website and find out who has applied for permits and current drilling activity in that area.

Hi Paris,

If you will send me your legal description (the name of the Survey and it's Abstract Number if you have that), I'll look up who is leasing or drilling in your area and get that back to you.

What part of Europe?


Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

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Mr. Smith:

This is my first try at this. Nevertheless, If you send me your legal description and a map if you have one scanned in I believe I may be able to help you.

Take care,


Ernest V. Bruchez

Board Certified Oil, Gas & Mineral Law

Texas Board of Legal Specialization