6 month lease extension requested - tarrant county, glen garden area

I’ve been asked to sign a 6 month extension on a 5 year lease that expired in April with a $500 signing bonus. I have a little over .25 acre in a residential subdivision. I am having a hard time getting straight answers from the leasing company. A brief conversation with attorney said a 6 month extension is a red flag.

The lot is very close to the glen garden site (chesapeake) and info says they are planning on drilling new wells in July 2011. The leasing company referenced a different location than the glen garden site (Chickasaw and Mitchell intersection). I could not find any info for that specific area.

I am not a Texas resident… Was my fathers property. Attorneys fee to get advice will run me more than the signing bonus. Anyone have any info to share?

Dear Ms. Steinhauer,

Things have changed in the past 5 years, particularily lease forms and clauses.

A lot has been learned in Tarrant County and my advice is to grant a new 6 month lease rather than extend an older lease that has expired (there is a legal theory that you cannot breathe life back into a dead horse), so the extension will simply refer to the expired lease and its terms and you actually grant a new lease on the same terms as the old lease.

Not good.

I recommend you contact your Neighborhood association to see if the same group that set the first lease, is still looking after the neighborhood. I have Leased twice for 3 years each time and no Extension and will yes some things have changed, I have not heard of a 6 month extension, after the 5 year term. I would think they need to come back and release the property for another 3 year lease at the same or better price than the last time you leased. You might contact the League of Neighborhoods in Tarrant County and find your Neighborhood association there and contact them. Then look over the Contract before and see what provisions that are stated in the contract.

Here is a link to the Banette Shale Blog that the Star telegram keeps.


Chris Wilson

Thanks for the comment. I have asked for changes to the original lease and they have been accepted. It’s just negotiating the bonus payment and I’m trying to find out info which area the lease covers. Hopefully by contacting Chesapeake directly I can get some straight answers. Not fond of the leasing company rep so far.

I have done 5 leases, and I found one of the 5 different Landmen to be honest all day long, he was with Devon.

I use a Prepaid Legal kinda a HMO for the Legal field and I used them to go over the leases and tell me what to asked for. See if you know they are finally going to drill, then you got a chance at getting another 3 year lease out of them, with maybe the same payment they made you the first time. I know Mr Cotton above says that everything has changed, but my last lease was for Hurst Texas last Sept, and we redid the 3 year term with the same payment as the previous 3 years with no extension. One factor we had on that lease was 70 Acres instead of the 1/4 acre lot like you have. Seek the highest percentage you can from out of the hole Your bonus payment will most likely be higher than your money from the well. Good Luck to you.

I agree that a shorter term, a brand new lease is generally more beneficial than extending the old one. It is possible that they came back to you to ask for an extension because activity is going to happen and they did not want to negotiate a new lease.

Many attorneys do not understand minerals. If you are not able to put forth extra effort to learn about your minerals and leases, or do not want to invest the time to learn, it is best to pay for advice from an attorney who specializes in this area.

Checking with the neighborhood HOA is an excellent idea. If there is no active HOA, there are other ways to connect with neighbors to the right, left and down the street.

Thank you for your reply. I did grant an extension but did modify the lease terms … Figured a modified lease was better than no lease!