6-15N-10W - Possible Sale

I have been considering selling mineral interests in 6-15N-10W. I have a 1/8 Royalty (old lease) and have been offered $12,500+ per mineral acre. Devon Energy has a new horizontal well in that Section (I think the Spud Date is 9-1-17). Does anyone have an idea of what the current per-acre sale value should be?



WAYYYYY higher than that. Offers in that township are going for over $16,000 per acre. I have acreage in the same township just a few sections over and have seen the offers to buy triple over the last year. The well that we have was an extremely good well for us. I am in the "don't sell your minerals" camp, but I do understand that families sometimes need to. What I would encourage you to do is read the latest investor presentations from Devon, Continental Resources, Newfield and Marathon and really understand what is going on in that area. The possibility of future wells in what the mineral owner needs to understand. Some sections in the STACK area may have 16-20 wells on them some day. The buying companies are generally only offering the value of a single or perhaps two wells. You also do not have to sell all of it, maybe just none or a few acres. If you need to sell, then get more than one bid. There are all sorts of land companies out there just sending cold call letters. Fine for them to do that. It is their business. Your job is to be a good and informed steward of your minerals and make the best decision for your family. Friend me with the blue icon next to my name if you want to discuss privately. I do not buy or sell. Just a mineral owner.