Anyone had any offers recently? Knowledge of drilling/production?

General offers in the $150-325/ac 3/16th range

There are some poolings and wells pending

Interested in pooling a and pending well data. Thanks M Barnes. Are pooling a accessible on OCC


http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx is where you go if you know the case number or order number Supposedly, there is a way to figure out the number if you don't know it, but I haven't figured it out yet. I use a paid service that gives me the number and then just look here for all the exhibits, applications, etc. The Case Processing Web Application may work on a PC to help hunt for the numbers, but it is not a happy camper with a MAC.

http://occpermit.com/wellbrowse/ this one is a direct link into the occ wells. works some days, production only for OCC, so not so helpful.

http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx is for the well records. Use a leading zero in the location box if needed. Remember that the surface location may be in a different sections, so you may have to search next door, usually either north or south.

http://www.occeweb.com/ap/docket_results.html Hand written court notes of which hearings were held, postponed, etc.

Thanks MB. Is that info available on OCC? I can access wells by legal and production by well name. Where are pooling a and pending wells?

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Yes pooling is, but it is hard to find out the numbers. They are in the Case dockets area. I can't find the numbers using a Mac, but I use a paid service to find them. see my note listed below in the OAP area