5 wells, same loc, one has different dec interest...why?

Just discovered a difference in decimal interest in one of 5 wells (Willey 31X-3, 154-96) are all in the same section, etc. It is 1/2 what the other 4 are. (.0005 compared to .0010) Any ideas? From NDIC website map it looks like one of the wells runs alongside the section line. Could it be that it runs actually into the next section, and that is why? Trying to speak with XTO is like pulling teeth!

Are you in 154N-97W? Section 3? Which well has the lesser decimal?

Section line wells are typically split between the owners on either side of the line. That is probably why your one well is half of the others.

Yes. Sorry for the late reply. It is the 31x-3H. I was mistaken on the 96…it is 97.

Sorry for the late reply. That is what I was afraid of. Probably not worth the hassle of playing phone tag with XTO, but may try anyway. Seems like they should be required to offer an explanation when something like this occurs. Course, it took me 5 years to notice it. lol Thanks again, Steve.