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My dad is a grantee to this property My grandmother is the grantor My dad’s brother also a grantee has gotten my 93 yr old grandmother to do an Irrevocable trust, w him as trustee. My dad has had a company contact him regarding drilling on the property but not sure he has any legal rights til my grandmother passes Has anyone dealt w this, we live in TN and have heard the brother already has a rig on the property



Roan Resources has an increased density order to drill five more wells on the property. It would be wise if you get familiar with the Oklahoma Corporation website. Look up the following cases on the OAP section to get some current and past history. OAP

201602782, 201809124, 201809123, 201809122, 201809121, 201705090, 201810115, 201803446, 201803445, 201803442, 201803460, 201803459, 201803458, 201804155, 201804154. Hope I typed all of those correctly. Anyway, make sure that your uncle and dad know about all of these. Make sure that either your grandmother or the trust name and address is properly on the newest ones. See if she was pooled on the 201705090 case or if she was already leased.

You can follow the wells on the Well Records site.

Test. Some of the wells have already spud. (Begun drilling).

Contact the attorney who put together the trust and ask them what the rights are and when conveyed.

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Thank you so much for your guidance Do you have an attorney you recommend that has dealt with this? My dad and I are planning a trip out to the property soon Unfortunately my uncle has and is being very deceitful He has authorized alot and had my grandma sign an Irrevocable trust thru his attorney and will not provide us a copy



There are several attorneys listed in the directory on the site.

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Looking at them now and looking up the cases you sent. Thank you so much