5.09 acres, NW/2 of N/4 W/4 E/4 of Section 71, Block 1, A-190

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’ve been contacted by a Petroleum Landman (Ellerbe Harrison) for MRC Permian Company. They are confirming if I’m related to Mineral interest owner. They’ve asked me to contact them. What should be my next step? I just want to ensure I have adequate information, before I make a call. Thanks for any help!

Theres no harm in reaching back out to the landman and trying to get some more information. This is actually in a good area so hopefully you end up owning some minerals. It looks like MRC permian has been the group taking leases in this section most recently. There also appear to be some historical vertical wells and some 1 mile horizontals that are producing, drilled by Matador. here is a map of the wells in A-190 loving.

If you end up owning minerals I’d try to push for a bonus above $7500 per acre . There are also some pretty high mineral purchase comps near you too. You may want to note that they likely don’t HAVE to lease you because they’ve already drilled quite a few wells, the upside is you will be in pay very quickly. Id gather as much information as possible from the MRC landman and maybe repost for other users thoughts!

Thank you so much! I’m glad there is a community like this, to ask questions and gain more knowledge. I’ve reached out to the Landman who contacted my family and am waiting to hear back. As I engage more, I’m sure I will have more questions and I look forward to hearing from you and the community. Again, thanks for your time and information.