4N 4W sections 28,33, and 35 drilling


It looks like Casillas has a permit to drill in section 33 that goes up through section 28. Then Marathon plans to drill in section 35. All horizontal wells. I have interest in 33 and 35. Hope they start soon! Tom


The Prarie 1-33-28WXH was spud on Oct 15. It is expected to be 78% in section 28 and 22% in section 33.


Lynden, I saw that. Since I am in 33 and not 28 I will just get a piece of it but some is better than none! Marathon is supposed to drill in section 35, hopefully soon. Take care. Tom


Tom, do you have any idea why that horizontal length was chosen?


Lynden, I believe total length was 6550 feet. I am not sure why they chose this length and where it was drilled. Maybe proximity to other wells or maybe a fault line close, I just don’t know. I do wish they would have drilled all they way through section 33, but maybe they will drill another one to complete drilling all of 33. Tom


Maybe they intended to drill further and ran into a fault or mechanical problems.


Maybe they saw the fault with the seismic survey. The surface location is sw, sw, nw in 33 basically.