42.90 AC Question

42.90 AC is listed in my documentation with the Tyler County Courthouse. Is this 42.90 acres or is it part of an acre? I’m obviously confused.

What kind of documentation? If it is a lease, it may be 42.90 gross acres of which you have a lesser net amount. Leases commonly state the gross acres and not the net acres. Is it a deed which specifically says you have the whole 42.90 acres or does it have a percentage of the acres?

TY for your reply. It is a lease. It a Tyler County courthouse record of my name and the inheritance & the agreed lease for 5 years.

Other family members also have the number besides their names.

Probably going to estimate that because it is a lease, that is the gross acreage of a parcel that has been leased. Each one of you has a certain net acres which is determined by a deed, probate, trust, etc. document that is part of the title chain.