4 Delayed Completions on Willms1609?

I found the 4 spud reports ranging from mid to late Dec’18 but have been unable to locate a completion report for any of these wells. Curiously, an amended drilling permit was filed for one of them after spudding.I was under the assumption that drilling took an average of 3-6 weeks which would have put completions midJanuary to mid February . Am I wrong in my assumption or is it possible a problem on one of these wells delayed drilling? What is the average drill time in Kingfisher? Am I looking in the wrong place for Completion Reports? Thanks for your help.

Drilling and completion usually takes about three-four months for a one section horizontal well and four-five months for a two section well. Completion reports don’t usually come out until four to five months after that. The completion reports will be on the well record site. A trick that I use is to look at the OK Tax site. They will have an “active date” which will tell you when first sales are-long before a completion report comes out. Gross Production I think you are just a bit early in being able to find the info since it is still probably completing.

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