At the end of Oct., 2017 I received a copy of the commission's order granting Casillas Petroleum's request to install horizontal well units. I contacted Casillas Petroleum, whose representative stated that they planned to start their operation in the first quarter of 2018. My mineral lease expires in mid Jan., 2018. I was wondering if anyone finds themselves in the same situation as myself? I'm also interested to know if anyone has recently been contacted by any mineral leasing companies.



Looks like your lease was dated 10/11/2016, term of 1 year and 3 months???

Be careful about executing anything before your lease expires, be sure your lease actually expires in mid-January, and/or consult a lawyer.

Upon review I find that my lease in 4-5N-4W is actually a three year lease through Riverbend Minerals. I confused the ending of this lease with a lease that's ending on a mineral lease I have in 33-6N-4W.

Easy to do. I always look things up.

Haven't heard about anything happening 33-6N-4W. You hear about anything upcoming in that area?

Pooling Order # 670226 suggests they are going to drill, and gives you a floor on values.

Respondent # 92 has purchased a lot of leases and would be a good prospect.

You can download the order on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission's web site.

I went to the Commission's website, but wasn't able to locate the pooling order. Can you provide a link?

Happy New Year to you!



Type the order number in the box to the right of "Order #" and click the "search" button.

To search by legal description for OCC Orders, you have to use a different OCC page that requires "jinitiator" that is difficult to both use and explain.

Thank you for the link. Other than "a floor on values", how will the pooling order impact my ability to negotiate a new lease on my holdings in 33-6N-4W, which is held by Mustang Fuel Corp. and expires Jan. 14, 2018?

The answer to that question is above my pay grade. You might want to talk to a lawyer.