4 & 5 2s-3w

Has anyone heard of any new activity in this area? The old Bumpass and Tivis units are still functioning but it would be great to see some new drilling in this proven area since the technology has improved so much.

Citation did have a plan for 4 back in mid 2017. Three cases pending at the OCC. Not sure if this might be pending due to the merger of Citation and Linn into new company Roan. Maybe action will be pending.

Echo Operating just filed six new cases at the OCC for horizontal drilling. There is a pooling pending, so anyone who inherited recently needs to check the respondents list. 201803855

how do I check that?

Since I am selling these interests, maybe all this activity will drive up the price per acre.

The new cases can be found on the OCC website. I will list the numbers and then the website. Type in the case number in the box for each one and you will see the applications, exhibits if filed and Orders when filed. Save this link! 201803849 Horizontal establish 640 spacing 201803851 Multi unit Horizontal 5 & 8 201803852 Multi unit Horizontal 5 & 8 201803853 Location Exception SL NE4 of 5 201803854 Location Exception ? same? 201803855 Pooling http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx

Well, I think my price just went up a bit for my acres in these sections. As always, thank you Martha!

I need to get back onto your spreadsheet.

You have plenty of other things to worry about right now. My sale will happen when it happens. I just appreciate your willingness. As always, Thank you for your generosity.

I sent over the simplified spreadsheet that went out last week for you to take a look at. It should be more clear and more simple than that first mess.

Thank you-


Martha- I believe Citizen & Linn merged into Roan, not Citation who is out of Houston.

Todd M. Baker

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Hi Martha- I could not find myself in the order for 5-2S-3W. I am attaching a copy of my filed deed. What should I do?4&5 2S 3W CARTER COUNTY INCLUDING CHECK STUB FROM CITATION.pdf (2.9 MB)

Thanks, got my Cit’s mixed up.

You won’t be on the pooling if you area already held by earlier production. You may be held by the NE Purdy Springer Sand Unit.
Go to the OCC website Imaged Documents Unitization Documents. Type in 0502N03W in the legal location box and download all five of the documents listed there. Here is the link to that area.
http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGUnitization.aspx Get all five files that are shown there. It will have a listing of what is included in the unit. If the description of the deed matches what is in the unit, you are held by production.

A unit was often created “back in the day” after several operators had drilled their own wells and over time it was realized that they were all drilling in the same zone that was pressure connected. As pressure declined, they would band together and one operator was elected to be in charge of the secondary recovery-often water flooding. All the minerals owners were contacted, the new unit was formed which could be quite large and new Unitization orders were sent out describing the new unit and how it was to operate. Can be quite simple or quite complicated.

I download all these unit forms and put them in a file that goes with my property so I can trace the history and my decimal amount. As time goes on, units often get sold and you want your decimal to be correct. Just in the last few years, these old shallow units are now being drilled for horizontal wells. In some cases, you will be held by the terms of the unit for the new wells. Since the maps of the old unit may be irregular in shape due to the spacing of the old shallow wells, some people in a section may not have been included in the old unit, but are now being leased or force pooled for the deeper shale play that will include the whole section.

Here is one of them.

If I am reading this right, it is all garvin county. My interest is in Carter. Am I missing something? I thought the new well was startin in 05/2s/3w in carter.

Oops, I probably typed in 2N instead of 2S which would be Garvin. Looked again this morning at your deed after I couldn’t find anything with your name in 5-2S-3W on the OCC docs. Your mom reserved a life estate in the mineral interest, so she kept the mineral rights during her life, but my understanding is that you should have received them at death.

When I went on okcountyrecords.com, I see your deed clearly posted.

You are being held by shallow production by the Bumpass Deese Springer Unit. Look that up on the Unitization site. Your check stub had Bumpass Unit, which didn’t work when I tried it on the site, but just type in Bumpass and it will pop up with four documents which have the maps and the unit order, etc.
OGUnitization. Was put in place back when Mr. Suitor held the deed.

Your question to Echo and Citation would be if the Unitization of the shallower zones is holding your deeper zones as well. The old leases probably did not have depth clauses on them.

Looks like two wells in 4 are still on-line and none in 5, but the Unit holds all the sections until the last well dies unless it is contracted by the OCC.

section 4 has pending case with Citation. (Woodford Hunton Viola) CITATION OIL & GAS CORP. 14077 CUTTEN RD. HOUSTON, TX 77069 Contact Name: JESSICA D. HATCHER Contact Phone: 405-996-3395. I see you on the Pooling order for 4.

Section 5 has pending well with Echo in the Mississippian (less Chester) ECHO OPERATING, L.L.C. AND ECHO E&P, L.L.C. 3817 N.W. EXPRESSWAY, SUITE 840 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73112 Contact Name: RICHARD K. BOOKS Contact Phone: 405-232-3722 I don’t see you on the pooling order for 5.

I see you on the pooling order for 4, but not on 5 which is really odd since your name is on the deed that controls both. Contact Echo quickly, because if Citation was trying to pool deeper zones, then Echo is as well and you should probably be on their list.

You are a godsend. I am getting on the phone right now!

Thank you again for all your valuable info. I was able to reach someone at Echo (Joe Vaughan) and he stated that I had been left off of the original paperwork due to the fact that an affidavit of heirship had not been filed to terminate my Mother’s life estate (she has been gone for 10 years). So I am sending those documents to correct that and he assured me that I would be included in any future lists.

I will try my luck with Citation again tomorrow, With any luck I can get Jessica on the phone tomorrow and sort all those issues out.