3N 6W Leasing & Scoop "Growing in Size and Scale"

My interest is in 3N 6W and considering the leasing in the bottom right is turning yellow on Continental's presentation I'm surprised there isn't more discussion. Probably because we are in the speculative leasing stage and not pooling or anything.

Anyway, I wanted to point out something for discussion. The 9/12 Continental presentation:


Slide 12 it says "Scoop gaining momentum in size and scale" in the header.

  • A bullet says "Oil and condensate fairways being defined"
  • And the angle of the box that says "40 mile area delineated by drilling" is clearly at a different angle than the red line
  • Wishful thinking that the dividing line is straightening a little to delineate condensate further West? You'll have to look at the presentation to see what I'm talking about as I didn't include it in my map as it would cover up 3N 6W. How is "delineation" done, anyone?

Below is the map I made a month ago with a presentation posted the first week of August. And a new one I made w/ the 9/12 presentation. Notice all the new leasing is in the "dry gas" area?! I tried to find the presentation from first week of August again to post link and the slide is not in the one they currently have posted for that week. Don't know if they deleted it or I just can't find it.

FYI, my maps are created by blending 3 to 4 sources in Photoshop. The newest might look a little messy, but it accomplishes what I wanted to see.


Like your maps!

Couple of things to think about - maybe....their gas/condensate line is carefully placed so that they can stealth lease and the gas line is really a bit further west. Or they know something about the thickness and structure that would indicate they can still make money if the line is "correct". Or they don't know exactly where the line is because they haven't drilled it yet. Or they are going for a different horizon(s) to the west.


Check out Slide 8 to add to your picture portfolio! Isopach of the Woodford in the Anadarko basin. From Cimarex. See why they are drilling in the SCOOP!

All good thoughts Marla, thanks for commenting.

As for your map…wish I could find an isopach that isn’t cropped into an oval shape because I’m on the edge wondering where those contours head after that! Pretty map though!

It would be nice to know the reason why they are leasing on the west side of the condensate line. If you look a little further north on the map in 5N-7W they have leased some acreage outside the dry gas line and in 7N-8w over into Caddo county they have recently leased several acres outside the dry gas line. A couple months ago CLR leased 4000 acres in this area around Chickasha lake from the city of Chickasha. Guess time will tell what they have up their sleeve.

Perhaps Medrano Hoxbar. Time will tell.

Great map. I am in 6N, 5W in Sec 23. Looks like I am out of range. I don't see anything in OCC for any hits either, all around me though. Am I correct in thinking my property is in the Indian leasing area. That's the name that seems closest to me and nothing current. A few months ago, I was getting a couple of offers to sell, with the highest at 4500/acre, but nothing recently. My lease is good for another 15 months. Feel like I am at a Bingo game and my markers are drying out.....

There are a few wells around you and some leasing going on. Bromide, Big 4 and some Woodford. Hang in there.