3D geophysical survey

I have some land in Reeves and recieved a notice they want to do a survey on the land.Does that mean they think there is oil or gas there? I think it may have surface mineral rights but i am not sure on that and will have to look into it.If they wanted to put a well on that land what could i get out of it if anything?

This could be a profitable deal for you, depending on how much land you own. I think fifteen to twenty-five dollars per acre is the last figure I heard for seismic surveys, but see what they are offering and then counter…You need to determine if you own minerals and if you do I would strongly advise you to sign nothing without consulting a good oil and gas attorney. Read through all the posts here to see what activity is going on in Reeves County. It is a very, very hot area right now. And Good Luck!