$35 to update my information?

I have mineral rights in Gavin county ( N/2 SE/4 & SW/4 SE/4 & NE/4 SW/4 & E/2 SE/4 SW/4 of Section 6-3N-2W). The lease has expired and was not renewed by E & K oil Corp. My question is, should I send the $35 to the company that updated your information. I have been advise not to, (note I did this right after I received them). My mom had leased it out for many years and I had for the first time in July of 2015. Just need advise, new to all this and I live in Oregon. Thank you

There is no official registry for mineral rights, but there are companies that charge annual fees to register with their company. Frankly, I see not point in doing so. If an company wants to lease they will find you. That being said, it is important that your name and address are on file in Garvin county and connected to your legal description. An affidavit is often handy is there is outdated information concerning your address or if your name changed (marriage,divorce).

Thank you! All my information should be same as before when it was leased. Thank you again.

Debbie- The mineral owners registry is a scam. Don’t pay them another penny.

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Glad I asked! I wish I felt more confident dealing with this, thank you!

Have to agree with Todd. I got all the info a few years ago and read it. They’re really not giving or doing anything for royalty owners. If an oil company, buyer, or whatever wants to make you an offer it won’t matter if you’re in the registry or not. I never joined it and when the offers are going out I get them.

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Debbie5…We agree with Todd. We received several letter from them a few years ago when all this started and my husband said they can’t give you any more advantage in getting your mineral rights known by those wanting to lease and purchase than the leasers or purchasers can get from the public records at the courthouse. Don’t send them any money!

Hi. I think this is what our church has been doing for years. We are in upstate NY and have no clue about our rights etc. we have been given an offer for “up to $2500” don’t know is it’s fair. A well meaning church member gave it to our little church years ago. Trying to figure out what to do with it. It need to ck location etc. we’ve never received royalties.

I don’t think I would call it a scam. However, I was at a meeting of landmen a few years back. The group included field guys, brokerage companies and in-house landmen. I asked if anybody had ever used the registry. Nobody said yes. I then asked if they knew of anybody who had ever used it, nobody replied yes to that.

To oilrights3, if you’re interested in possibly selling and determining what is going on, you may wish to hire a landman in the state where the minerals are located, and have him/her see if it is producing, is it in hot area, does anybody want to buy. Its possible that it is producing, but the operator does not know of the transfer, or your whereabouts.

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The first thing the church or individual needs to do is find out the location, what you have, what activity you have, etc.

I was the head of the permanent funds committee at our church. Here are some suggestions. (Not giving legal or accounting advice.)

You may have back royalties that you need to claim first before you do anything else. You have to notify the operator that you exist. You also need to check the unclaimed funds records for lost records. It could be in the state of the gifting member; it could be in the state of the minerals; it could be in Delaware or the state of incorporation of the company.

(If this property is held by a church, then church leadership needs to decide if they want this sort of asset in their hands, or if they do want to sell. Some do like that possible income. Some sell immediately.)

If you post here, then helpful members of the forum may be able to direct you to any operators, tell you if there is production or activity, etc.

In general, those “up to” offers are often bait. I have found them to be teasers and they often change their tone once they have you on the line. Let’s get you informed first. You need to find out if that is a total offer, by acres, etc.

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This is all we know. We registered with the Oklahoma Mineral Owners Registry years ago before any of us in the church now we’re there. We’ve sent $35/per year to them. The rights we have are in Pittsburgh County, Oklahoma. Grayson Energy made an up to $2500. We need guidance to decide what to do. Thank you so much for your responses. We are grateful for the time you took to respond. Our small church doesn’t have extra money to spend where it’s in-necessary. After the responses here we’ve decided the registry doesn’t help. Any guidance about what to do next.

Whoops it’s Grayton Energy I think spell check changed it.

Do not pay the registry. It is not worth it in my opinion. Landmen go to the county courthouse where the official records are located.

Quite a bit can be found for free. Look in the church records or on the offer letter from Grayton Energy. What section, township and range is listed? I can look up the area and see what is going on.
Was the offer for a total of $2500 or for $2500/ac?

Thank you so much for answering. I will have to check to see if I can find the answer.