Hello, my family has a small mineral deed at the above location. As many here, we have received an offer and are unsure if it’s wise to accept. The offer is for $4000+1/8 or $3700+3/16. Any thoughts on this or any info on what is going on in this area that may bear on lease value??? Regards, B Petrie

How many acres do you own?

Just three.

Bert I got that offer for 35 and one for $4000 -3/16th, 3500-1/5th ,3000-1/4th from a Superior Res. I also got an offer from Echo Energy for $4500 for 1/4 in 24-6n-5w. There are Poolings pending on both. They have several good wells in 6n-5w. The terms of the lease are very important. Ask on the forum if you need help.

Those numbers were per net acre

Thanks for your reply Ron!

Yes per acre .