35 6n 5w

My family has a small mineral deed at this location. We were recently contacted by a landman about leasing it but have not heard back from him in some time. I'm am a rookie concerning matters of this type. I would be interested in anyones thoughts about current activity in this area, whether or not pooling has occured, per acre value of a lease, etc.
Thank you for your time!


I don't keep up with Grady as much as some of the others. No current applications in 35-6N-5W, but there is an open regulatory application by Continental for section 27. (this is adjacent to yours)

There are permits to drill in 12, 14, 16, 22 of 6N-5W. These are 2-4 miles from your section. Western drilled two in 4, 7 6N-5W.

A look at 5 pooling orders in a ~5 mile radius is showing bonuses for 3/16 RI running 600-800. The average of the 6 I looked at was $750.

Continental and Conquest have most of the leases tied up in your section.