345kv Electric Line Easement

Looking for any information about easement payments for the new highline easement going through Reeves County. I believe AEP is the company doing most the Reeves County portion. Thanks, Mike

Surely there are many other surface owners that have been contacted by AEP/Percheron about the biggest power line to come across Reeves County. I’m just looking for some others that are in negotiations. I believe the first offer was very low. Mike

Is this for the Oncor transmission line from Sand Lake to Solstice? That company is taking an easement 200 feet wide to build two lines. The offers and ultimate payments will be well below what you would receive from other companies for pipelines and small electric lines. How much surface do you own that is involved? A number of surface owners used the Barron Adler law firm in Austin for the segment of line from Riverton to Sand Lake. They charge a percentage of the difference between the initial offer to the final payment. They only represent surface owners in eminent domain cases.

Yes this for the AEP part of the Oncor line. I have a half mile of easement. My easement document/survey says that the designated property is 3.15 acres. I have it calculated it at more than that, but I may be off a little. Their initial (low) offer is the price per acre, not by the Rod. The survey also says that it 150 feet wide. Why wouldn’t I get, at least, what the State Land Damages Schedule calls out for ?? Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike

Eminent domain laws in Texas are not favorable to surface owners. Texas legislature has refused to amend the laws to protect land owners by reining in the abuses by many companies. In particular, the land owner bears all the legal costs in proving that his land is worth more than the offer and cannot recoup any of his expenses if he prevails in the courts. And the courts will not allow the landowner to demonstrate that he has been paid far more by other companies for right-of-ways or to use the U.T. Rate and DamageSchedule as a comparison. Oncor is known for not paying any private landowners, including large oil companies, at rates in the UT Schedule.