34-5N-6W Grady county Oklahoma


My sister's and I have been getting royalty checks for over 20yrs. Not very big ones but checks just the same. Last Oct or Nov we received a letter from a land company that Vitruvian had send to us. The amount was $2500.00 an acer. We have never been offered anything for our 5.some odd acres. Of course we will never sell, however we received a letter saying that several relief wells were needed for the Pauline 7-27x34h well. In the 20yrs we have been getting royalties we have received a couple relief wells and a new well. Always a division order came we signed and sent back and got 50 cents more on check. But this letter is from Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Does anyone know what if anything is going on? The land is section 34. Township 5 north range 6 west Grady county Oklahoma. This is on the land my grandparents owned and my mother inherited, then we inherited. It is both gas and oil. And we are curious about this. Is it a good thing or bad. It is the S.A. Drumond gas well that has been producing a very long time. Since the 50s any information would be appreciated. We are wondering if it's gone dry or what sorry this is so long but the offer was the first and only offer we have ever got. The Mobile refinery was on my grandparents land for years. Don't know if that makes any difference, We never even knew how much land we owned minersk rights to till Oct. When the letter came

Sorry for long post. Thank you in advance