33-6N-6W Apache Corp. Scott wells

Anyone hear of what might have gone on with the Scott wells drilled by Apache, in the above section?

Earl, I don't see anything since the wells were spud in May. No completion reports yet.

They look like they have finished fracking and flaring gas... finishing up installing production equipment, i.e., oil storage tanks, oil and gas separators, flow lines, etc. A lot of traffic on one location still.

Pics taken 2/6/2018 ... SCOTT 33-6-6 4H ... and ... SCOTT 33-6-6 5H both wells share the same pad. I counted 6 oil storage tanks and various other equipment.

It has been a long time but does anyone know if Scott Wells (the person) related to the fellow who used to home the son of Nashville, Experteeser for stud somewhere around Alex?

Joe3, Scott Wells is Ted Wells (deceased) son. I now live in Ted Wells home at Alex (trivia for today).

Thanks Don. Whatever happened to Ted’s wife Vicki? Does Scott still run the ranch or does he do something completely different?

Vicki has remarried… Last I heard Scott was president and general manager of Remington Park in Oklahoma City.