33-3N-R8W Value?

I have an opportunity to purchase small mineral acreage and was hoping somebody would know the recent sales per acre. There is a current lease in place that expires 11/2018 with a five year extension option.

Also, any thoughts on somebody drilling in the next few years. Or is it far from where most of the drilling is happening?

From looking at Gulports presentation, it looks like it would be Woodford Dry Gas in this area.

Jamie , how does someone get to look at one of those Presentations & is there more than one c Companies presentation that can be viewed ?

Additionally, if it's not looking Productive how come it was leased ?



Checking Grady County Clerk filings, I see no recent sales of minerals (you have to go back 3 years to find the last one)... you have to go back to 2013 to find any with the number of mineral acres listed to get a price per acre. Here are 3 from 2013...

$2,248/acre - 6.67 acres

$2,000/acre - 15 acres

$1,500/acre - 10 acres

You have to go back to December 2016 to find the last oil and gas lease.

Hey John, below is the link to the Gulfport presentation. Iā€™m not sure if others have something similar.


Thanks Jamie .

To look at any presentation just Google (or whatever engine you use) XXX name investor presentation

Ex: Gulfport investor presentations, Marathon Oil Company investor presentations.

Jamie, that area is far away from the current lucrative horizontal drilling. Spring Operating had some cases in April and July of 2017 in s. 1&2. Red Rocks was leasing in 35 in Oct 2017, Warwick in 12, in April 2017, Corterra in 13 Sept 2017, so a bit of activity. Most of the drilling is vertical for shallower horizons.

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Thanks M.