Hi all,

I own a moderately-sized ORRI (more than 1% of 8/8ths) in 33-17N-5W, and I have been planning to hold this interest and wait for Chisolm, Alta Mesa, Triumph, or someone else to come density drill this section. That said, I've had some interesting interactions with a few individuals lately that were advocating selling now. Sounds like overrides in that area, given the current and likely near-term activity levels, are a hot commodity.

Has anyone sold an ORRI in 17N-5W or 18N-5W lately, or received offers for such? I'd love to hear what the market rate is now.



Considering that 32-17N-5W Alta Mesa just got an increased density approval for four more wells next door to you, I wouldn't sell. You section has room for several more wells.