32-3N-4W purchase offer

I just received an offer to purchase in 32-3N-4W in Garvin along with 5-2N-4W in Stephens. I am curious just because I am not aware of activity in this area. I know just enough to get myself in trouble when it comes to drilling activity. Anyone know why the interest in this area?

32-3N-4W in Garvin- Continental resources just got permission for 7 increased density wells in Oct 2019. Surface location is in 5-2N-4W. Forrest and Condit wells. Wells spud in late 2019, will be in pay soon, so buyers are trying to buy out mineral owners before the royalties are paid out.

You should have gotten tons of paperwork from the OCC on these wells.

If not, contact: CONTINENTAL RESOURCES, INC. P.O. BOX 269091 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73126 Contact Name: EMILY P. SMITH Contact Phone: 405-265-9398

There’s a bunch of activity in that area. I’m in 17-2n/4w, of the 6 wells going south from 32 and 5 five have been spud hoping the 6th one will be soon. Also talk of more going North out of 8-2n/4 and South out of 17-2n/4w.

You have to watch who’s making you an offer, I get calls all the time most recently over my interests in 32-3N-3W From BCS Minerals, GROW Minerals Inc., they’re all out to make a fast buck once they sniff out something good could be right around the corner. Just be cautious

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