32-2S-3W Lease offers


I've seen some leasing activity in here but haven't heard of whats being offered. Continental and NW Oil and Gas are the most recent. My parents have some acreage here but haven't been contacted yet so just trying to get an idea of a going rate.


$250 3/16 was a couple of years ago.


Thank you. I'll pass that along to my parents. Hopefully it's come up a bit since then.



Kai Oil & Gas, LLC might be interested in leasing in this section.

They're email is kaiogl@yahoo.com

Jaime Hunzeker is the contact


Ok, thank you. I'll pass this along also.


My parents said they accepted an offer of $2000 @ 3/16 royalty. They didn't say with who though


Made sure they get a good lease with no post production costs and a good exhibit A. Do not sign the first lease the oil company sends as it is not usually in the mineral owner favor without some negotiation.


Hi Michael-

I have some acreage in 2s-3w that I would not mind leasing. Would you mind finding out who your parents leased to?


Hey James, I’m not seeing a lot of activity in your Township, but you could reach out to some of the companies around it and look to be inside the same play. According to , PV Oil & Gas, LLC, Paul Burton, LLC, Hogback Exploration, Inc. and TODOC Properties look to be the most recent players. However, TODOC and Continental both look to be paying the best.


Thanks for the info. Always nice to see activity in the area even if it is not right on top of you. I bet Continental or one of the biggies will be there soon.


Not a problem! I agree, I’d love to see some activity around my Marshall Co. interest.


They leased with Echo Energy. Easy to deal with and no complaints. They actually found my parents owned a bit more acreage than they thought.