My family and I own mineral rights in Dewey County, however, we have no idea how many net acres we own. Short of going to the Dewey County courthouse (I live in Texas) and looking up the records, is there any way to find out how much we own?

You can try OkCOUNTYRecords.com

You can pay a landman to look in the county records. I had a dispute with royalties from the oil company and needed someone. That will get you a several page report. I hired one that lives only a few miles from the courthouse. Landon Cates Cates Oil & Gas Company, LLC P.O. Box 36 Leedey, OK 73654 (580) 488-3040 Office (580) 488-3040 Fax (580) 819-1152 Mobile https://www.linkedin.com/in/landon-cates-61a673b/

Search using this link: https://okcountyrecords.com/search/dewey#advanced-search But records only back to 1998