31-6n-4w Lease Offer

I'd appreciate some input regarding lease bonus numbers for the referenced section. Osage Oil & Gas, on behalf of Casillas, is offering $4500/3 yr./3/16 and $4000/3 yr./1/5.

Are these numbers being seen by anyone else? I just received a call earlier this morning. The current lease expires in September. Please advise. Thanks!

My offer also had $1500 for 1/4

That is a pretty good offer. Make sure you get a really good lease with no post production charges, no enhanced, no nothing. No top lease, limit the shut in time, depth clause, etc.

O.C.C. recommended the pooling on 7/18/17. No order yet.

Don't lease until your lease is up. Check your original lease to make sure you don't have a top lease clause that you have to abide by. If not, then hold tight and don't do a top lease right now. With the pooling, you could get caught in a title problem. You may get more offers in the next few days. If it were me, I would not lease until the first lease ends and I always go for the highest royalty.