31 19n 03e

my understanding this is a large oil producing section. I am pretty sure we have minerals in this, but i am not for sure. calyx tried to get us to sign, but never heard anything from Devon. how would we go about checking up on this? My family only have 7.5 acres. I think the quantity they are pulling though is enough to effect all of us. We just do not really know anything about this, and we were all shocked to even find out that we might be mineral owners. any insight to this would be great. Is there a force pooling through Devon, and if so, is it available to see?

They filled two poolings for some reason. They must have missed some on the first .



Thank you Ron, you are awesome! I looked and looked for this info, but maybe im running the wrong niumbers. I talked to Devon and they stated that they do not have any thing but a pad on this section, yet I came across these two wells that matches this legal description. Devon stated that it was all Calyx in this area. Of which I believe as of yet have not been producing?

JARDOT 36-19N-2E 1MH

JARDOT 6-7-18N-3E 1WHX

and these numbers came off of these well names.

Calyx is doing the force pool but Devon is producing?

The two wells you listed below were drilled fron a pad on 31-19n-03e . However Royaity owners under 31 have no interest in the two wells . Calyx has the well under 31.


Why would the royalty owners have no interest? Where would I find information on who has interest in Devons wells?

The royalty owners under 31would have no interest in the well drilled under 36-19-2e or the one drilled under 6&7-18n-3e because there is no production from 31 from these wells . You could start looking in County records.


These are the two Jardot wells, the only reason I thought they would be under section 31 19n 03e is because it states that on the location. Is the name where they drill and then they pump it to a holding station (their pad)on section 31. I think it is starting to make sense now. I appreciate all your help Ron.



Yes the pad for those two wells is on 31

I guess Calyx energy sold to American Energy... I have seen production numbers but is there anyway to check on the payouts for these wells? It has been over a year. Has anyone else on these wells received any payments? sec 31-19n-03e


Payne County has a wonderful website that you can look up on-line records from the Payne County

Clerk's Public Records Website which is: www.countyclerk.paynecounty.org. This on-line records

as I understand as only been in existence since June +/- 2014 & is maintained by Edoctec+/-.

I luv the site, it is wonderful!!! Start out by looking under Land Records. Under the section that

is titled Party Name, either put your family member's name as either the Grantor or Grantee. You

can then see what all of the transactions they were involved in in documents that were filed at the

Court House. You can see what was bought or sold by them (or deeded to them etc.) & actually

examine the document & see what was reserved by them, or in some cases they were either deeded

a mineral deed or deeded mineral interests to others. This will at least give you some kind of a

reference point to start from. Also, sometimes you have to go to the "beginning of time" to research

these records. Go to www.glorecords.blm.org to see who the 1st person was who was granted a

Patent on the quarter of the section of land in question. You will have to know the Section, Township

& Range to do this. Then, start your research on the Court House records to see who all the subsequent

owners were etc. Sometimes this is tricky, because esp Men only used initials. So, say your Ancester

was named "William". Don't just use "William" in your search but use just the initial "W". You will

have much better success. The forced pooling thing with Devon is prob just particular to your section.

You will have to read the fine lines of your lease agreement & see if it says they (the Lessor) has the

right to do forced pooling. Hope this was helpful!!!

a mineral deed to someone else.