30" proposed pipeline. $/rod? Narrowest reasonable width possible? They have eminent domain power.

I posted this to the Right-Of-Way Group, but got no answers. Maybe you guys can help...Targa is going to build a 30 inch pipeline going from West Texas down to Houston...they're calling it the Grand Prix pipeline. It will go through our land in Pecos/Ward County area. Haven't received an offer myself yet, but heard they're initially offering $50/rod for 50 foot permanent easement, 75 foot work space. I know that's real, real low. They have eminent domain power. University rate is minimum $224/rod, but that's for a 10 year renewable easement, not a permanent easement.
Any thoughts or strategies on how to deal with them?
What's a fair $/rod to settle on?
A really good $/rod to settle on?
The narrowest width you can negotiate down to for a 30 inch pipeline?

Hi, Stephen -

I'd suggest you hire Buddy Cotten, who is a frequent contributor here on The Forum, to negotiate your ROW/Easement. He is listed in the "Professionals" on the Site's Homepage.

Several people have posted very positive things about how he handled their situations.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Stephen, I agree with Charles....Negotiating pipeline deals are a specialty for Buddy Cotten..


Clint Liles

A couple years ago we got $350/rod... 12" oil pipeline... 75 foot workspace... I think 40 foot permanent... plus they paid us for the timber... plus if anything horrible ever happened we would be held harmless. I think we could have been paid a little more but we didn't fight it. Location is Northeast Texas. Pipeline came from the west and went to someplace south of Shreveport. I think people in Shreveport got a lot more money.... but I can't prove it yet.

Re: Buddy Cotten

I totally agree with Charles and Clint.

Good luck,


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Thank you all for the reply.

Jack Hodges, did you have to press hard to get $350 for that 12" line? Also, did they have eminent domain power? Anyone else have experience on prices for bigger (30") lines?

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