30-8N-12E Trinity leads

Does anyone have any information on above section

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Glynell 1-31/30H, 3-31/30H and 4-31/30H have all filed completion reports in April 2019. Glynell 1-31-30H has first sales near 1/14/19. The others are not listed yet. They are drilling quite a few wells from that pad into the surrounding sections, so they may have completed all them all with a zipper fracture process to save money. Then all the rest of them will come online and the same time. You should get Division Orders from the first one soon if your title is clear. The others will follow.


Thank you so very much for your quick response . I finally received info from trinity that title is not clear since my fathers will was probated in Georgia and did not include this mineral right. Do you think I have to probate in Oklahoma to clear this up. Thanks again for all your information!

It is my understanding that a will from another state must also be probated in Oklahoma. Richard Windblad has several forum posts with that statement.

Thank you for your quick response. If anyone knows of an attorney in Holdenville or Hughes county please let me know. Thank you

Actually, it would not have mattered if they were listed in the Georgia probate case. Georgia courts do not have authority to change title outside of their state so an Oklahoma probate is still needed.

Patty: A probate for an out-of-state individual is usually quick. 50-75 days and often on a flat fee. Most attorney’s work statewide. Also, only in the rarest circumstances would you need to travel to Oklahoma for any step of the process.

Thank you for this information. I see you are an attorney. Do you probate in Hughes county. I have to probate two wills my grandmother and father according to trinity oil. I would like to contact you if you do work in Hughes county.

I am and I do work in Hughes County.

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