30-3n-6w, 20-4n-5w, 24-4n-6w

Was wondering if anyone has any information on 30-3N-6W? Also looking at 20-4N-5W Dawkins well. Kem Ranch has 4 new active wells running at 24/25-4N-6W. Did anyone get new division orders for the Kem Ranch Wells? Thank you all for the wonderful information!

30-3N-6W-Activity in this township is mostly in the northeast in section 1. A bit of leasing in section 24. The west half of the township has thick Woodford, but it is too deep for the economics of drilling right now.

20-4N-5W- Most of the activity in this township is on the western border with Continental (leasing in 31) and Gulfport drilling horizontal wells (leasing in 24). Dawkins 1-20H was producing well until About June of 2021. Something happened. It came back on but at lower rates. It has the potential for increased density. Continental drilled a set in 19 in 2021.

24-4N-6W-KEM Ranch wells were active in late June on the tax site. Division Orders may take until November to come out. Don’t expect checks until December. Keep checking the OTC Gross production site for the production. It will run about four months behind. See the link below.