3-D Seismic Survey


I own 37 acres in Bedias, Tx in Grimes County, in which a Company named CGG wants to conduct a 3-D Seismic survey and therefore want to compensate me with $15 an acre. So my question is, if $15 per acre is a reasonable amount or how much should I ask for? By the way I do not own mineral rights, and in a couple of months another company will be running a pipeline

We have mineral rights ownership is just south of Bedias, TX on FM 2620 and are really interested in any activity in that part of the Grimes County. Did you ever do anything with that 3-D seismic survey? When is the pipeline scheduled to be constructed across your property? Does anyone have additional information about that Bedias area or other drilling activity in Grimes county ?

Our mineral rights come up for renewal in July 2014 and we are trying to establish if the activity and projected future drilling is moving that way and if we have a good chance of the renewal of our lease and possible drilling. Any other responses would be greatly appreciated either by posting here or replying directly if that is easier or more comfortable.